Working out at home

I’ve decided to set up a home gym so that I can start getting workouts in without wasting a lot of time. I ended up buying a squat rack with pullup bar, an Olympic bar, and some bumper plates from Rep Fitnessgym equipment package.

I set all of the stuff up and it feels really solid. The rack is super strong, and the bar feels great in my hands. I’m starting with a 5×5 program to get my major lift numbers up, then maybe going to try something like CrossFit soon.

Do you ever need some alone time?

I love my girlfriend, but sometimes I just feel like I need to be alone. I’m not sure why this is, but I’ve found that it holds true for a lot of people. Too much of a good thing? I don’t know, but it’s true for me.

This feeling usually happens when I’ve spent maybe a full day or two in a row with her, and it’s like I just want to be able to clear my head without thinking about her needs or wants, and only focusing on myself, how I feel, and what I want to do.

I think this is why guys want to put in a “man-cave” in their homes. It’s a place where they can escape to play games, work on their projects, or workout. I’ve got a workout room now, but it’s my basement and not someplace I like to spend a lot of time in when I’m not working out. So I guess what I really need to do is find an excuse to get out of the house by myself.

I’m thinking I may just need to get some golfing buddies and go play on the weekends. That’s really the only way I can think where I can just go and zone out and refresh myself.

Always thinking